Household Cavalry Number 3 Dress Tunic

Tonight we are looking at a Household Cavalry No3 dress uniform. This was a smart tropical uniform worn for official functions in overseas postings and this tunic was given to me by a friend in a very poor condition, badly stained and missing all its buttons:53182984_10156047718353045_3606907672550440960_nA few hours work with a stain remover followed by a wash and iron and some new buttons brought the jacket back to its former glory:imageSadly the buttons are not the correct regimental pattern, but as they are held on with split rings it should be easy enough to swap them out when I do find the right ones. The Tunic itself is made from khaki drill cotton fabric, with a high collar secured with a pair of brass hook and eye fasteners:imageTwo removable shoulder boards are fitted, each secured with a single staybrite button:imageThe tunic has two pleated breast pockets, each secured with another staybrite button:imageTwo larger but similar pockets are sewn to the skirts of the tunic:imageThe back of the tunic shows an elegant cut with a gently curved central yoke to the rear:imageA pair of staybrite buttons are arranged vertically on each cuff. These do not serve any purpose other than being decorative:imageA large stores label is sewn into the inside of the jacket indicating that it was made in 1957:imageThis jacket was sized for a tall, but very slim trooper. I can find very little out about this pattern of tunic, beyond what can be deduced from the label. It is pleasing however to have rescued it from the bin and brought it back to life as an attractive jacket once more.

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