Mk6a Helmet

We seem to have been looking at a lot of modern British helmets and their covers this year and we continue tonight with the Mk6a helmet. The Mk6a was introduced in 2005 and saw a number of enhancements over its predecessor. The ballistic qualities of the ballistic nylon the helmet is constructed from were enhanced and so the helmet is marginally heavier than the Mk6. The manufacturer claimed that there was a 40% improvement to its performance over the earlier model. To make it clearly distinguishable from the earlier pattern it was made in black rather than green:imageThe other major upgrade was to the internal harness to make the helmet more comfortable for sustained wear. The earlier MK 6 had a simple drawstring to adjust the fit and was notorious for being uncomfortable:imageThe new mark added a mesh panel where the helmet fitted to the top of the head:imageAnd padded panels at both front and back:imageOn this example its former owner has clearly decided that this needed further enhancement and a first field dressing has been rolled up and tucked into the top of  the helmet to add further cushioning:imageThis was a common field modification done by soldiers who could be expected to spend many hours if not days wearing the helmet on operation. Despite the upgraded liner, many soldiers still wished to improve the liner:

if you deploy to theatre try and get one of them foam doughnut (not jam type) shaped things that the septics stick in their lids, make them mucho mucho comfy, if you are wearing a mk6a out in theatre, try removing the liner and fitting a para liner.

Another soldier used the First Field Dressing method:

What I normally do is use the old first field dressing, which I find to be the most comfortable mod I have used and I never found it too bad as far as sweating goes. Anyhow considering your most likely gonna be in stinking sweaty sandy countries and wearing personal protective equipment which is the weight of a small house it won’t make that much of a difference.

The first field dressing modification was not universally favoured:

FFD fans seem to stand out in the crowd – makes them look like they’re hiding a napper like Beldar from ‘The Coneheads’ the lid sits so high.

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