Institute and Depot Barracks Kasouli Hill Postcard

Last year we looked at a postcard of the Indian hill station of Kasauli here. Today we have another image of the same barracks, but taken looking back the opposite way and this time showing the Institute as well:skm_c30819010312060 - copyThis is a black and white image that has been tinted to colourise it, this type of postcard proving popular around the time of the First World War. In the centre of the image is the barrack square itself:skm_c30819010312060 - copy - copyThe barrack buildings of the depot surround it and are of typical Indian design; single story with broad verandas and high roofs to allow air to circulate:skm_c30819010312060 - copy - copy (2)The Kasauli Institute sits on the hill above:skm_c30819010312060 - copy - copy (3)The Kasauli Institute was founded in 1904 as a research facility for medical and public health under the directorship of Major David Semple RAMC. To start with it specialised in dog bites, its first year saw it treat 321 cases, this had risen to 22,000 by 1938. It was also a teaching institute and a 1904 copy of the British Medical Journal explained:

The laboratories of the Institute have been thrown open for the instruction of officers of the R.A.M.C. and I.M.S., and have been employed for clinical diagnoses of material from all parts of India, for the preparation of typhoid vaccine, diphtheria and tetanus antitoxins, and for research.

Today the facility is known as the ‘Central Research institute, Kasauli’ and the location specialises in vaccine research.

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