Auscam Trousers

The latest piece of clothing to help with my Auscam obsession is a pair of trousers in the distinctive camouflage pattern. In my experience it is nearly always easier to find jackets than trousers. Army surplus trousers are regularly worn in civilian life in a way jackets are not and trousers are far more susceptible to ripping or wearing through the fabric than jackets. This adds up to a situation where it can be hard to find more unusual trousers for a collection. It was therefore very pleasing to pick this pair up, even if they are a little more worn than I would have liked to match my jacket:imageThe trousers are made of poly-cotton, with the distinctive DPCU pattern printed on it, a little faded but still clear and serviceable. The trousers sport a large pocket on each thigh, secured with concealed buttons:imageA third pocket is sewn over the right buttock:imageNote also the belt loops, each of which fastens with a button on the bottom of the loop. Waist adjustment is by a pair of buttoning tabs on each hip:imageThe flies are secured with a zip and a button tab:imageThe bottom of each trouser leg is elasticated, drawing the leg in tight around the ankle where the trousers meet the wearer’s boots:imageThe Australian Army’s dress regulations indicate that the trousers are to be worn bloused over the boots:imageSadly the interior label is badly degraded from repeated washing so it is not possible to exactly date these trousers, but I suspect they date to the early 1990s. With the matching jacket and the 88 pattern webbing in my collection I have almost completed a full, if basic, set of Australian combat uniform and equipment from the end of the twentieth century, boots and hat are the last two major components now…

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