1941 Airgraph

Over the years we have looked at a number of different Airgraphs, often with delightful drawings on them. Tonight we have another example, however this one is not as visually appealing, being just text. The message however is delightful and well worth covering on the blog:SKM_C284e18121008500 - Copy (3)The Airgraph reads:

Dear Harry,

I guess you will be surprised receiving this airgraph from me, but last week Bob read your airgraph (only part of it) to us and you said you would like to hear from some of us as mail is so scarce. Well, I am glad you have arrived safely in the M.E., how d’you like the sand? Plenty of it by what Bill writes in his letters to me. I don’t know whether you knew my boy-friend had moved from W Africa to the middle east, of course I don’t know where he is and he seems to be on the move all the time, still you may run across one another in one of those sand storms on of these days. I don’t think you’ll receive this in time for Xmas, so I’ll wish you a happy and successful new year, and trust you had a good xmas. It seems hard to believe Harry, but we all miss you at the old squash lots, things aren’t anywhere near as jolly as they used to be. By the way, d’you still set your clothes on fire or do you behave now you’re an l’officer Da Dah!!! Cheerio for now, I’ll write another airgraph soon. Yours “Darkie”

Darkie’ was Miss Joan Hitchcock who wrote this airgraph in November 1941:SKM_C284e18121008500 - Copy (3) - CopyIt was send to a Pilot Officer Harrington, RAF Middle East:SKM_C284e18121008500 - Copy (4) - CopyI love the personal and friendly nature of this note and a message from an old friend would surely have been a welcome arrival for the pilot officer on active service.

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