Australian Army Camo Cream

We end our little Australian odyssey tonight with one final object. When I purchased the 88 pattern webbing set I checked the interior of the pouches, just in case anything had been left behind. Normally I come up empty, but in this case I was lucky enough to find a little pack of Australian Army camouflage cream:imageThe design of the packaging is very familiar as it is almost identical to the British Army version, however the shade of plastic used is lighter, and the printing on the outside indicates it is Australian in origin, along with an Australian NSN number:imageAs one would expect for a sunny country like Australia, the camo cream also acts as a sun block. The inside of the packet is again very familiar, with three different colours of cream and a small mirror to help apply it:imageThe shades are however very different to those used in the UK. Camo cream is issued in colours which complement the main uniform soldiers are wearing so here, instead of black, dark brown and dark green, the Australians use grey, a light green shade and a red brown colour.CmFPZW8VAAAT8FTThe colours of the cream, like those of the uniforms themselves, are designed to work most effectively in different Australian landscapes and pick up colours that are commonly seen there. In arid conditions the red-brown mimics much of the dust and soil seen in the landscape, whilst the green shades are better suited to some of Australia’s verdant jungles. When applying the camo cream, troops tailor the shades to the environment they are working in.untitledThis then brings us to the end of the Australian kit I picked up a couple of months ago. I am very pleased with this web set and I am slowly building up a nice little Australian collection- not an easy task in the UK where nearly everything has to be imported unless you can get lucky on EBay. As ever, I will continue to keep my eyes out for more interesting Australian pieces and cover them on the blog as I come across them.

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