Fire Resistant AFV Long Johns

Although some items of specialist clothing are produced with specific users in mind, it is not uncommon for items to be used by other troops, either distributed through official channels or acquired ‘unofficially’. One item that seems to have been distributed by the army to all was the fire resistant armoured fighting vehicle crewmen’s long johns:imageThese undergarments are made of an olive green knitted fabric that is officially described as ‘aromatic polyamide stable fabric’. The crotch is reinforced as this would obviously be an area of particular wear:imageThey do feature a fly, but it is not secured:imageThe end of each leg has a reduction knitted portion to allow it to fit snuggly round the wearer’s body and keep air and heat inside:imageAs is typical, a label is sewn in with sizing and stores details:imageThese long johns were issued in a number of sizes:

NSN : 8415-99- 458-7540 Size S
NSN : 8415-99- 458-7541 Size M
NSN : 8415-99- 458-7542 Size L
NSN : 8415-99- 458-7543 Size XL

One former RMP member remembers being issued these for riot control work:

Previously whilst carrying out PO Duties, in various places we got issued AFV crew underwear and balaclavas to wear under our (non flame retardant) CS95. And during inoculation drills it was always proven to work when one of the experienced Jocks would stand still after being petrol bombed. Once the new boys saw them in action it increased their confidence, which was a great help.

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