DPM Right Hand Other Arms Holster

The change over from DPM to MTP saw many items of perfectly serviceable army equipment surplussed out long before they needed to, often when they were still brand new. The other arms holster tonight is one such example, being completely unissued but still available for a few pounds as it has been superseded by the same item in the new camouflaged:imageThis holster is a hard shell type that offers better protection than some of the earlier PLCE designs that were made of a soft material. The holster has room for a standard service automatic, with a tab going over the backstrap of the pistol and securing with a press stud to prevent the gun from coming out:imageA spare magazine is carried in a small pouch along one edge of the holster:imageAnd another web tab and fastener help hold this secure:imageThe inside of the holster is stiffened to protect the pistol, being clearly visible here, even without a weapon being carried:imageThe rear of the holster has a belt loop that can be size adjusted with a pair of press studs:imageBeneath this is the label for the item, here dating it to 2007:imageTwo fabric tapes are sewn to the muzzle end of the holster on the rear:imageThese are to allow the holster to be slung on a shoulder rig and straps passed through them to secure around the wearers chest and to a waist belt. A standard PLCE triangular buckle is attached to the top of the holster allowing the PLCE web set to be used as a method of carriage as well:imageThe holster was available in both right and left handed versions and other accessories included top flaps:

8465-99-242-8998 Left Hand
8465-99-306-0049 Right Hand
Flap, DPM, R/H 8465-99-665-9704.
Flap, DPM, L/H. 8465-99-862-0109.
Harness, Holster, DPM 8465-99-978-5366.
Strap, Waist, (Other Arms) 8465-99-730-2314.
Strap, Chest (Other Arms) 8465-99-132-1396

An identical version of the holster is also available in the more modern MTP fabric.

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