Royal Engineer’s Stable Belt

Tonight we are looking at an example of a stable belt from the Royal Engineers:imageThe army’s dress regulations book describes this as:

Scarlet 9.5mm, dark blue 11mm, scarlet 35mm, dark blue 11mm, scarlet 9.5mm. Designs vary from leather straps fastened at the left side to cast buckles which fasten in the centre and carry the RE cap badge design. Those personnel who have served Air Asslt, Cdo, EOD

or who are cap badged R Mon RE (M) are permitted to wear specific designs of buckle in perpetuity. Whilst serving on the strength of QGE, Def Diving Sch or R Mons RE (M), personnel are permitted to wear appropriate design for the unit as authorised by the RE Regtl Col.

The belt then is made from a heavy duty, closely woven cotton fabric in red with two blue stripes:imageThese belts were clearly available in different sizes, as this example has an extra-large label sewn to the reverse:


A central belt buckle is fitted in white metal, along with a white metal slider buckle to adjust length:imageThe badge has the Corps’ badge cast into the centre, with the Royal Cypher surrounded by a garter and laurel wreath and surmounted by the sovereign’s crown:imageA number of different badges are permitted for wear on the buckle of an RE stable belt. Further details from the unit’s dress regulations indicate the different buckles that could be applied:

Stable Belts. The approved Corps stable belt has a central buckle incorporating the RE Cap Badge design. Other approved buckles, and rules for wearing them, are:

  1. Commando. Worn by members of 24 Cdo Engr Regt, those serving with 3 Cdo Bde and by all Cdo qualified personnel.
  2. Airborne. Worn by all personnel on the posted strength of 23 Para Engr Regt and may be worn by all Para trained personnel.
  3. Diver. Worn by all those who have passed an approved army diving course.
  4. 170 Engr Gp. Worn by those on posted strength 170 Engr Gp, PQE and Clerks of Works.
  5. R Mon RE (M). Worn by those who serve or have served in R Mon RE(M).
  6. Gurkha. Worn by those on the posted strength of a Gurkha unit only.
  7. EOD/Search. Worn by all members of 33, 101 and 36 Engr Regts and all “0801” course and Search qualified personnel serving on posted strength of the unit.
  8. Geographic. My be worn by all members of 42 Engr Regt (Geo) who are “Geo” qualified and serving on posted strength of the unit.

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