Canadian Produced 37 Pattern Cartridge Carrier

One thing I really enjoy about the different locations of production for 37 pattern webbing around the globe is how different factories came up with different solutions to the same problems. Of all the countries that produced 37 pattern webbing, Canada’s pieces are arguably the best quality of all, but they made a number of changes to the basic design to suit their own industrial capacity and tonight we have one of the most striking examples of this when we consider the 37 pattern cartridge carrier produced in Canada:imageIt is useful to compare this design with that produced in Britain (see here). The most important point to observe is that British firms (more specifically Mills) had looms that could do reduction weaving, this allowing the tapered pockets needed for cartridges to be produced in one motion on a machine. Canada lacked this technology so instead used a clever system of folds and stitching to achieve the same effect on each pocket. The second feature to note is that when the top flap of each pouch is opened a tab is sewn to the inside to prevent the cartridges form being able to fall free by accident:imageLike the British design, a pair of male studs is provided to cater for both full and empty pouches. The third major difference is harder to spot, but the British design had an internal divider to separate the two Lee Enfield chargers. The Canadian design does not, just having a single, large, open pocket:imageThe rear of the carrier is broadly similar to the British version, with a pair of ‘C’ hooks to attach it to the waist belt and the brace attachment sewn above to allow the shoulder braces to fasten on:imageThis example is stamped ‘ZL&T Ltd 1940’ on the rear:imageThis indicates it was manufactured by Zephyr Loom and Textile Ltd, one of the two largest manufacturers of accoutrements in Canada.

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