88 Pattern Austeyr Ammunition Pouch

We continue our review of the 88 pattern webbing set by taking a look at the ammunition pouches for the Austeyr:imageThe Austeyr was the Australian version of the Steyr Aug bullpup rifle and was introduced into service at the same time as the webbing. Each pouch can hold three magazines, with most soldiers having a pair of pouches, allowing six magazines to be carried, giving them a total of 180 rounds of 5.56mm ammunition. The pouch is made of a heavy duty nylon, printed in Auscam, with other fittings made of a tan shade of webbing. The top flap of the pouch is secured with a fixed Fastex buckle:imageWhen the pouch is opened it can be seen that this is supplemented by a strip of Velcro around the top edge:imageThis Velcro makes it very hard to securely fasten the buckle because the Velcro tends to grab and hold the lid fast before the buckle has a chance to fully engage. The underside of the top flap has the markings for NSN number, date and manufacturer, along with the /|\ mark that Australia still uses to indicate it’s army’s property:imageThe inside of the pouch has a set of dividers to allow the three Austeyr magazines to be carried:imageThese are secured in place with Velcro and can be folded back to give one large pouch if different ammunition loads need to be carried:imageLoops are fitted to the sides of the pouch to allow additional items, such as the first aid pouch, to be attached:imageThe back of the pouch is quite plain and just has the fastenings to allow it to be attached to a belt:imageThese consist of two plastic clips and above them a single plastic ring:imageThis ring is used to attach the yoke to the pouches when the webbing is assembled. Like many ammunition pouches, this design features drainage holes at the base, interestingly here it is two, side by side, rather than a single central one:imageAn Australian report in 2008 sets out something of the design of the pouch and the doctrine for its use:

The Australian Army F88 pouch is the basic pouch used to store 3 F88 Austeyr magazines. It is made primarily of canvas material with a plastic ‘skeleton’ to hold the pouches shape. The pouch is a box shape with a static lower portion sized to accommodate magazines inserted vertically, and an upper portion; the lid. The lid connects to the lower portion by means of both a strip of Velcro and a clip. To prevent noise and rattling once the user is in motion, 2 dividing pieces of material are used to separate the magazines within the pouch. Operation of the pouch requires the user to squeeze the clip and separate the Velcro. The pouch holds 3 magazines, and requires the user to both open and close the pouch correctly to ensure successful functionality.

Loading, reloading and unloading a weapon requires the user to operate the pouch. The user does this by first opening the lid by squeezing the clip and pulling the pouch cover in a vertical direction. If required an empty magazine is first placed into the pouch, and a full magazine is removed and placed onto the weapon. The weapon is brought to a functional condition and the pouch is closed by clipping the lid to the lower portion.

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