Silver Territorial Army Rifle Association Medal

Tonight we have a silver medal for the Territorial Rifle Association:imageThis design seems to have been in use by the TRA for many years with examples dating back as far as the early 1930s. The medal came in three finishes: bronze, silver and gold. The design depicts Nike, goddess of Victory holding a laurel wreath aloft. The laurel wreath was again a symbol of victory dating back to Roman times. Scrolls around the central figure bear the words ‘Territorial Rifle Asson.’

The rear of the medal has space for the title of the event to be engraved and the recipient:imageThis example does not appear to be complete as it just has the date, 1956, and the title ‘Lord Lieuts’. This suggests it was intended to be used as a prize in a shooting competition supported by the Lord Lieutenant of a county but it has clearly never been issued as the name of a winner is not included on the rear.

The Territorial Rifle Association was an organisation very similar to the Army Rifle Association and had the aim of encouraging marksmanship amongst territorial soldiers through regular target competitions and by awarding small prizes to the best shots in various categories. The use of sporting competition to encourage good marksmanship continues to this day and all three armed forces have regular shooting competitions both within their service and between one another

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