Canadian Spare Bulb Tin

When a military vehicle was rolled out of the factory it was, of course, equipped with a selection of tools and spare parts so that any minor problems could be attended to by its driver when in service. One obvious set of spares to include were replacement bulbs for head and tail lights, these always being vulnerable parts on a lorry and subject to breaking or indeed just blowing out through use. Bulbs are fragile so they were packaged in a small metal tin to protect them:imageThis tin is painted in olive green and stencilled on the top “Bulbs”:imageThe lid is hinged and opens up to give access to the light bulbs within:imageA cardboard tray was slotted inside to hold the bulbs secure and it appears that this tin originally held three bulbs, a piece of tissue paper being scrunched up over the top to protect the glass from knocks. My tin is missing the cardboard insert, but this is what would originally have been in the tin:ImageUploadedByTapatalk1334829587_149334_jpg_57c3554564271f23e66e9c0952192a6fThe round corners of the tin indicate that my one is of Canadian manufacture (British examples having square corners). These would have been carried on Canadian CMP trucks, such as the leading vehicle here:Royal_Air_Force_Operations_in_the_Middle_East_and_North_Africa,_1939-1943__CM5067

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