58 Pattern Water Bottle Pouch

The 58 pattern webbing set had a number of different water bottles and associated carriers over the years. The initial pre-production bottles were square in profile and although these were replaced with the familiar Osprey design before large scale production, these early production bottles were made of green rather than the more familiar black plastic. The carrier itself was also modified. The early design was too small to allow the bottle to be easily removed and fastened with a turn-button. This was replaced with a revised pouch that was a little larger and had a different method of fastening the top flap. The pouch is made from a lightweight dark green cotton webbing:imageThe turn buckle was replaced with a strap and blackened metal buckle to hold the top flap down:imageThe underside of the lid has a small pocket sewn to it that can hold a set of water purifying tabs:imageThe pouch is a snug fit for the water bottle and cup, but it does slide in and out easily enough:imageThis pouch is in unissued condition, without a single scratch to the buckles or any storage dirt whatsoever, as can be seen most clearly on the rear:imageThe back of the pouch has a pair of ‘C’ hooks to secure it to the 58 pattern webbing belt:imageAnd the maker’s details, stores code and date are stamped on in a large ink stamp:imageThese water bottle pouches were put to far more uses than just carrying a water bottle and examples were added to the 58 pattern set as utility pouches. Other uses saw them marked up with a red cross and used for first aid kits, their slim width making it easier to add them as extras onto a standard webbing load out.

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  1. “Osprey” waterbottle:
    A company called Cascoid(?) developed the box shaped trials waterbottle and they designed the one eventually adopted for service. Osprey took over manufacture of waterbottles only from the 1970s or very late 1960s. The original ones were made by a company initialled “F&G”. Another manufacturer was initialled “PP” (initials within a sun shaped logo). Isn’t yours a “PP” made waterbottle? F&G, PP and Osprey are the only genuine issue ’58 waterbottles.

    Waterbottle Pouch:
    The second issue waterbottle pouch DID shrink after time and they became tight around the waterbottle and especially the mug. Worn on the CEFO, it became harder to use. Switched on soldiers used the ’44 waterbottle pouch for a waterbottle and (’44) mug, dispensing with the ’58 mug.

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