British Infantry Line, Mhow Postcard

Mhow, now called Dr. Ambedkar Town , is one of the oldest cantonments in India and remains an essential base for the Indian Army. A century ago it was no different and this week’s postcard depicts the infantry barracks and buildings of Mhow:SKM_C284e18102316400The town was founded in 1818 by John Malcolm and by the early twentieth century was the headquarters of the 5th (Mhow) Division of the Southern Command in British India. A number of different barrack buildings were constructed for different types of troops including artillery and infantry. For further images of early twentieth century Mhow this site is very interesting.

On the skyline can be seen one of the massive barrack blocks:SKM_C284e18102316400 - CopySmaller buildings are clustered around it:SKM_C284e18102316400 - Copy (2)All this dominates the landscape and the native Indians in the foreground appear small in comparison, a number of them appear either sat on their haunches:SKM_C284e18102316400 - Copy (3)Or tending to a small horse and cart:SKM_C284e18102316400 - Copy (4)Mhow remained an essential part of Indian military life after independence and this account shows something of life there many decades after our postcard:

Mhow, near Indore in the Army circle, is known to be the Mecca of Infantry, where Infantry officers keep going periodically and quite frequently to do various courses of instructions. Many times, Mhow is also explained as the military Headquarters of Warfare…

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