Brown Karrimor SF Cold Wet Weather Boots

Continuing our look at some of the different combat boots of the British Army, tonight we are considering the Karrimor SF cold and wet weather boots:imageThis design was introduced into service with the British Army in 2012 and was one of a range of different boots introduced at this point to go with the new MTP uniforms. For the first time soldiers could try a range of boots to find the one that worked best for them.

The Karimoor combat boots are described as:

The latest issue army cold weather boots for British military personnel from world-renowned outdoor equipment specialist Karrimor. Designed using full grain waterproof leather, these…boots are extremely durable and ideal for use in cold and wet weather. With a Gore-Tex membrane to keep feet dry in the worst and wettest conditions, Karrimor SF boots also feature an innovative 3M Thinsulate lining to preserve warmth while allowing feet to breathe. With a strong rubber Vibram outsole, Karrimor military boots are second to none when it comes to comfort, grip and ruggedness. These waterproof army boots are the ultimate choice for cold weather combat and training exercises.

The soles of these boots are deep and rugged and manufactured in Italy by a specialist sole producer called ‘Vibram’:imageThe boots are of a hi-leg design with lacing up the front from the top of the foot right up to above the ankle:imageThe Union Flag logo of Karrimor SF, the manufacturer, is embossed into the tongue of the boots:imageAnd the manufacturer’s name is embossed into the outer side of each boot:imageA white label with sizing and a /|\ ownership mark is sewn to the underside of the tongue:imageThe boots seem to have been very popular with troops and one soldier gives his thoughts on the design:

Karrimor SF are hard wearing and good in freezing and wet conditions and generally stomping about shite ground and woodlands.

The only major criticism from soldiers is that the brown colour of the boots is very easy to turn into a horrible maroon shade if a dark tan polish is used on them rather than a light tan one! Apparently at this point there is nothing for it but to grovel to the QM and hope you get a replacement pair!

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