Miniature Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal

A few weeks ago I received a very generous gift of a large pile of uniforms and militaria from a retired Royal Engineers Major. We will be looking at various items over the coming months, but we start tonight with one of the smallest, a miniature medal for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 2002:imageIt is traditional for commemorative medals to be produced for major royal events and these are then distributed to members of the armed forces and other suitable candidates. Alongside the full size medals, miniature versions are required for wear on mess dress and this is an example of one of these. The obverse of the medal features the Queen, wearing the St Edward’s Crown:imageThe reverse has the Royal Coat of Arms and the dates 1952 and 2002:imageThe medal is made of cupro-nickel with a gilt finish. The ribbon is made up of blue, white and red stripes:Queen_Elizabeth_II_Golden_Jubilee_Medal_ribbonAs this is a miniature medal it features a broach clasp on the rear to allow it to be pinned to the recipient’s mess dress:imageMembers of the British Armed Forces regular, reserve, and cadet branches, serving prison officers and members of the emergency services who were enrolled as of Accession Day and had been so for five years were given the medal in the United Kingdom. 94,222 members of the Army received the medal, as did 32,273 in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, and 38,889 in the Royal Air Force. Longer serving members of the Royal Household and living holders of the Victoria Cross and the George Cross also received the medal.

Canada issued a similar medal that used the same ribbon, but had differing designs for the obverse and reverse of the medal itself.

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