British Mule Team Postcard

This week’s postcard is a delightful image of a group of British soldiers posing with a couple of mules:SKM_C284e18102210080Sadly there is no context to this image, but my guess is that it was taken between the wars and judging by the building in the background it was probably taken somewhere in the middle east with the building being constructed of well fitted stone:SKM_C284e18102210080 - CopyI wonder if this is some sort of granary or fortified structure, as the main door is a good ten feet off the ground. A ladder is propped up against it and two men perched on it posing for the photograph:SKM_C284e18102210080 - Copy (2)These soldiers are dressed in the standard shorts and collarless shirts worn by the British Army overseas, with sun helmets on:SKM_C284e18102210080 - Copy (3)Two mules can be seen in the centre of the picture, note the string fly protector covering the eyes of the nearest animal:SKM_C284e18102210080 - Copy (4)Mules were used for transporting pack loads, and to one side of them can be seen a couple of large bundles, presumably about to be loaded onto the beasts for a journey:SKM_C284e18102210080 - Copy (5)Careful packing was needed to ensure the mules were not injured when carrying heavy loads, as indicated in the army’s Manual of Equitation:CaptureCapture1


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