DPM Helmet Cover

The Mk 6 helmet was issued with a large number of different helmet covers, desert DPM examples for combat in hotter climes, a white example for use in the arctic and a blue version for UN peacekeeping duties. Until the introduction of MTP camouflage though, the most common type of helmet cover was the standard DPM fabric version and we are looking at a pair of these tonight:imageThese are a simple fabric bag with a drawstring around the base:imageThe helmet is put into the cover and the string drawn tight to prevent it from slipping off. Elastic straps are sewn to the outside of the covers to allow vegetation to be slotted in to improve the camouflaging of the helmet:imageNote how on this example the original owner has written his surname, “Whitehouse-Strudwick”, his service number ‘J8417010’, and his blood type, A Negative. A further piece of personalisation are the words ‘chill out’ written onto a strap in marker:imageThe basic design of the helmet cover is very simple, however two reinforced panels are sewn into either side to protect the cover where it fits over the mounting blocks for a helmet visor on the Mk 6 helmet:imageThese are just a slightly raised section on the base of the helmet over each ear, but clearly were expected to wear the cover out faster than the rest of the helmet so reinforcing was provided.

The inside of the cover has a printed stores label with information on which size helmets this cover is compatible with and the NSN number for the cover:imageHelmet covers were common areas for squaddies to indulge in a little personalisation, even more so than these examples. Common changes included removing the scrim elastic and adding glint tape. The authorities clearly got fed up with this as in 2012 the 1st Mechanised Brigade told its men:

Nobody is to modify their helmet cover in any way.
Helmet covers are to be worn as issued, without having the elastic removed.
Scrim is not to be worn on helmets.
Sniper tape is not to be seen outside of helmets.
We are soon to be issued new MTP helmet covers; anyone that modifies this equipment will face administrative action.
Those that have modified or unserviceable helmet covers will be ordered to remove them and they will wear no helmet cover at all.
This directive is to be in effect from 30 Jan 12.

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