Sealskinz Type Green Field Hat

Sometimes I struggle researching objects, even ones still in use today. Normally however if nothing else I can find a listing on a military surplus site offering another example for sale. Tonight however even that has been a blank so this is either such a rare piece that no one else has access to them as surplus, or it’s so useless no one else wants one! Tonight we are looking at what is described by its label as ‘hat, field, green’:imageThis is a cap made of a Sealskinz type waterproof fabric that is designed to be worn under a helmet to keep the soldier’s head warm and dry in poor weather conditions. Here it can be seen being worn under a Mk VI helmet:imageThe cap is described as green, but it is actually more of a muddy khaki colour, clearly designed to match the current MTP uniforms:imageIts design is actually more complicated that you would expect with a circular, two-piece crown:imageA short piece of elastic is fitted to the rear of the cap to offer some adjustment:imageThe inside of the cap has a warm liner, covered in black fabric and a single white stores label:imageI have looked up the stores number online and it indicates that it is ‘clothing, special purpose’. There seems to have been two sizes made, a small/medium and a large/extra-large like this one. I suspect that this is designed for those serving in arctic conditions and is only issued on an as needed basis which might explain why I can find so little on the design. It is a very warm and comfortable piece of headwear, even if you look very ridiculous wearing it without the accompanying helmet!

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