Canadian Made Wash Roll

A lot of Canadian personal kit was based off of British designs, as indeed was most of that used in the Empire in World War II. The colonies did however make some minor changes and tonight we are looking at a Canadian made wash roll:imageThe most obvious difference is that it is made of a tan coloured cotton rather than the white used in Great Britain. The tapes on the end are still made in white though:imageI have seen other examples where the tapes are in green and I suspect that there is no significance to this beyond being a manufacturing change. The basic design is identical though and has a large pocket at one end and a series of loops along the body of the wash roll to fit knife, fork, spoon, razor, comb, spare bootlaces etc. into:imageThere is no maker’s name stamped onto the wash roll, but a large /|\ within a ‘C’ stamp indicates Canadian ownership:imageI have seen other Canadian made examples that are dated and stamped up with a manufacturer’s name, the wonderfully titled Parisian Corset Manufacturing Company Limited of Quebec being one of them.

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