No36 Drill Grenade

One of the very first objects I covered on the blog was the No36 grenade here. That example was in lovely condition and as such I have not really been looking for another example to add to the collection. Whilst on holiday in Scarborough however I came across an example that was so cheap I had to pick it up for the collection. This grenade is not in such nice condition and clearly needs restoring at some point, but is interesting in that it is clearly a drill grenade:imageThe two obvious ways to tell that this grenade was for training are the large holes drilled in the body, and the remnants of white paint showing through under the gloss black:imageDrill grenades were to be painted white to clearly show they were free from explosives, as seen in this illustration from a 1960s manual on explosive markings:imageThe grenades used for drill and practice models were those which had been rejected by the factory as unsuitable for actual use. The factory itself then drilled holes in the body and put them to one side. The rest of the grenade is completely standard to allow for realistic training, there is a large zinc base plug:imageThe base plug is cast with the date of manufacture, 1945:imageUnder the base plug is space for a dummy detonator to be fitted:imageSadly this grenade is missing a correct fly off lever, a piece of wriggly tin sufficing for now. The rest of the components are present though and it can be stripped down:imageGoing forward I would like to replace the lever with an original one and I want to strip and repaint the grenade back into white as it would have been in service. It would also be interesting to see if there are any markings on the body indicating who manufactured the grenade, any there might be are currently buried under the thick layer of paint.

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