Larkspur A14 Radio Pack

The Larkspur Radio set was developed after the Second World War to take advantage of the improvements in radio technology that came out of the conflict. There were many different models of radios designed to be fitted to vehicles, used in bases and some man-portable models that could be carried on an operator’s back. These radios were very heavy so specialist packs with padding were designed that not only protected the radio from the elements, but also helped reduce the fatigue on the operator of carrying it. Tonight we are looking at the pack issued with the A14 man portable radio’s carrying pack:imageThis pack features many similarities with the 44 pattern jungle webbing in use at the period, including the colour of the webbing fabric and the style of the ironmongery attached to it. The complete pack with radio looked like this example:CaptureMy thanks go to Michael Whittaker of Grandad’s Kitbag for permission to use this photograph. The front of the pack has a series of loops and buckles. Two sets of straps and buckles are fitted to the top part of the pack:imageThese undo and allow both sides of the top portion to open giving access to the radio itself (obviously missing here):imageThe back of one of these side opening flaps has a leather and celluloid pocket sewn to it, presumably for a card containing important information needed by the radio operator.imageBeneath this part of the pack is another compartment:imageThis opens downwards and outwards to allow access:imageThis compartment was used to store the headsets, handsets and their associated cables needed to operate the radio. A separate aerial case was often slung over the rear to carry these components. To the rear of the pack are a pair of adjustable shoulder straps:imageThe weight of the radio was clearly quite considerable so a number of padded supports are sewn on to increase the operators comfort:imageThe only markings on the pack are a maker’s initials of ‘BLG’ and a date of 1964:imageThis pack is superbly well made and very complicated in design. This is the second Larkspur component I have picked up and I can see this being another radio set I will end up collecting as we go forward. I am a big fan of British military radios, unfortunately they are large and expensive so as with so many areas of my collection, this is a back burner project!

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