Clansman 349 Radio Holster

My thanks go to Michael Fletcher for very kindly giving me tonight’s object, a carrying holster for a Clansman 349 personal radio:imageThe 349 was a component of the Clansman radio system used by the British Army from the 1970s until 2010. This particular radio was for intra section communication and was a small personal radio worn in this holster on either the chest or back:CaptureThe holster is made of a dark green butyl-nylon fabric, very similar to that used on the 72 pattern webbing set. The main section of the holster is a simple square pouch that the radio slips into:imageThere would have originally been an elasticated cord and tab which fitted over the radio and attached to the Velcro at the top but this has been removed. The rear of the holster has a cut out to allow the user to reach the controls of the radio and a couple of pieces of padding to help cushion the wearer’s body from the corners of the radio:imageSadly this particular cover has suffered a bit over the years and the buckle for securing the chest strap has been removed, where this strap joined the rest of the cross straps a reinforced triangle of material is sewn, but the fastening strap which would have been to the right is cut off:imageThis originally had a tongue to go through the metal staple here:imageThe height of the pouch on the body is determined by a metal slide buckle:imageThe markings on this pouch have almost completely worn off, the fabric not holding the ink very well. You can however just make out the faint traces of an NSN number:imageWith Clansman being in service for so long there are a number of pouches available for the 349 radio and I have seen some DPM examples available online. With this being the case, I would guess that this is an earlier design of holster, but it seems to have remained in service alongside the radio throughout its service history.


  1. Although the Pouch Radio, DPM IRR N.I.(NSN 8465-99-978-7651) which attaches to the shoulder strap of the Chest Webbing DPM IRR
    NI (NSN 8465-99-978-7650) will fit the PRC 349 it wasn’t designed for it.

    Other alternatives to the CES holster were the commercially produced Arktis pouch, example here: or you could cut a side pocket off a 58 pattern large pack and rig up a way of carrying it or mounting it on your webbing. The Arktis pouch fittings of a 58 pattern type clip, belt loop and three sets of horizontal straps with snaps gave it a number of carrying/fitting permutations.

    The problem with the CES holster was that shoulder strap would loosen after any strenuous activity leaving the pouch dangling away from the wearer’s body. To prevent this you could wear the holster underneath your webbing, which often was an SOP for commanders who were required to wear the radio even when webbing was removed, and this even included when sleeping.

    On the side of the CES holster is a sleeve which carried the folded 4 section 1.0 metre whip antenna (NSN 5820-99-649-2451) when this was issued in addition to the usual 0.5 metre whip antenna.

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