PLCE Machete Sheath

In the mid-1990s the British Army replaced its old Golok jungle machete with a new design. This new blade was three inches shorter than its predecessor and a new design of sheath was developed for it in both olive green and DPM camouflage fabric. This sheath was designed to work with the PLCE webbing set that was in service at the time and tonight we are looking at the DPM version:imageThe mouth has a metal reinforcement to prevent the machete cutting the fabric as it is fitted into or removed from the sheath:imageA simple strap is provided to retain the machete. This is wrapped around the handle and secured back to the sheath with a press-stud:imageA small pocket is fitted to the front of the sheath to fit a sharpening stone into:imageThe stone is retained by a small flap lid secured with a press stud. The sheath has a shoulder strap fitted to the top, and a waist strap that can be passed around the body, securing with a plastic fastex clip:imageAlternatively the sheath can be fitted to the PLCE belt, a belt loop fastening being sewn on the rear:imageOpening this belt loop up there are two T-Bar type fastening which engage with the loops in the back of the PLCE belt to prevent it from slipping around the belt:imageThe label on the rear indicates that this sheath was made in 1993:imageThis design of sheath is still in production and versions made in MTP camouflage are available to match the latest webgear in use with the British Army.

One comment

  1. These machete sheaths are junk but points to the designers for trying. The stone pocket is good but velcro closure would be better than a snap stud to prevent the stone from being broken…

    They don’t hold the Golok securely: even with the retaining strap correctly wrapped around the grip of the Golok, the blade slides about side-to-side, potentially cutting the seam stitching from within the sheath. And there are no rivets to protect the seam from being sliced open as the blade is removed/inserted.

    I have one in my collection but for my working Golok (bushcraft), I recommend the ’44/’58 sheath which is designed to fit onto a ’44 or ’58 waistbelt. It doesn’t even need a strap to secure the grip, it holds the blade very well.

    Don’t ever tightly grip a sheath when withdrawing a machete. Use fingertips to hold the flat front and back of the sheath – and NEVER hold the sheath by its edges. Be safe.

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