PLCE Side Pouches

Earlier in the year the blog covered the yoke for turning two PLCE rucksack side pouches into a back pack here. At the time I did not have any of the side pouches in my collection but thanks to a good rummage in a box of £1 PLCE components at the Yorkshire Wartime Experience I now have a pair of these pouches and it is one of those we are looking at tonight:imageThe pouch is made from DPM cordua nylon and is a large rectangular shape designed to be attached to either side of a bergan. The pouches have a heavy duty zip:imageThat runs up both sides of the pouch on the rear:imageThese provide a secure fitting to the bergan and are used when assembling two of the pouches into a day sack as seen in the previous post. Also on the rear of the pouch are two labels, one is a standard stores label indicating that this pouch was manufactured in 1999:imageWhilst the second is just plain green to allow the owner to mark his name and number, in this case for a Sergeant Sims:imageThe pouch has a capacity of ten litres, but lacks any form of internal division and is secured at the top by a heavy duty metal zip:imageFour loops are sewn to both the front and rear face of the pouch:imageThese allow extra equipment to be attached with bungees or string to the outside of the pouch. To allow the pouch to fit to the yoke, male and female fastex clips are attached to the top of the pouch:imageAnd the bottom:imageIf I can find where I put my yoke I will have a go at assembling the set as a day sack, I also need to try and find the full bergan these attach to at some stage- although it is such a large thing I will have to think carefully about how I would store it if I did get one!

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  1. When you find your yoke you will also need the two straps to fit it all together. These are Strap, Side Pouch, Yoke O/D, IRR NSN 8465-99-132-1562 and have the male buckles needed to complete the assembly at the front and side making it adjustable. These have extra male buckles to link to the top of ammo. pouches if required.

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