Australian Navy Window Sticker

I am building up quite a little collection of items given away as freebies by the military as promotional or recruiting tools, but tonight’s object is the first Australian one I have found. At one point it was very common to have stickers applied to the side and rear windows of your car, and they were often given away free by organisations as a nice gift and an ongoing source of advertisement. This example probably dates from the early 1970s and depicts and aircraft carrier and the word ‘NAVY’ in big letters:imageThe carrier is clearly a Majestic class ship and my initial thought was that this would be a Royal Navy item, however on the rear, as well as the instructions on how to apply the sticker, is the address of the manufacturer which is in New South Wales:imageWith this being the case, the ship is either HMAS Sydney or HMAS Melbourne, the two ships being the only carriers of the class used by the Australians. Both these ships saw extensive use from the 1950s through to the 1970s when the first was paid off. The ships had been purchased form the British in the 1950s and served the Royal Australian Navy well until a combination of their age, the cost of replacements, the difficulty of manning carriers and a newly elected left wing government led to the Australians dropping their carrier capability in 1983.A217F061-8412-4525-9C5A-2A4523ABD15CMy thanks go to Paula and Richard Rodgers for kindly giving e this piece.

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