Osprey Mk IV Shoulder Brassards

After nearly six months of posts, I am bringing our series on the Osprey body armour to a close tonight. There are still components I need and as I get these we will look at them on the blog, but not as a regular weekly post. Our final post is for the shoulder armour issued with the Osprey Mk IV set:imageThis may look familiar to you from the Mk II set we looked at here. The basic design is almost identical, however it is made in the MTP pattern of camouflage to match the later vest. The underside of the brassards has the same ribbed anti slip fabric as the interior of the vests:imageThe brassards are not a matched pair, one having a small Union flag secured to it with Velcro:imageThe other has a small pocket sewn on:imageThe straight end of the brassard has an elasticated strap that is wrapped around the upper arm to secure the brassard:imageThese particular covers date from 2011:imageWorn with the brassards are a pair of shoulder pads that cover the gap between the armour and the brassard:imageLike the brassards, these open up to allow a soft armour filler to be fitted, the opening being on the rear of each one:imageAgain a label is sewn to the rear of each component:imageSetting up the brassards and shoulder armour is quite involved and a detailed diagram is included in the Osprey user’s manual:CaptureThere are still quite a few Osprey components left to cover, and as I find them we will revisit the set. I hope this set of posts has been informative and covered the individual components in a bit more depth than other online resources.

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