RAF Badges Beer Mats

The number of different badges in use within the armed forces at any one time is mind boggling, with rank and trade badges sitting alongside specialist badges for qualifications such as being parachute trained. This wealth of military heraldry is however fascinating and tonight we are looking at a set of beer mats that depict various RAF badges. These beer mats are triangular in shape and a full set consists of 48 different designs, each with a different badge. The full set covers officers and airmen and various specialist badges:imageimageimageimageThe rear of each beer mat has the same design, advertising a career in the RAF:imageI am assuming these beer mats were given out as a promotional gift to encourage recruitment, equally they might also have been used inside RAF messes. I haven’t been able to date them, but I suspect that they are from the 1980s as the design certainly has a feeling of that era. As ever if anyone can help fill in the blanks please get in contact as I am struggling to find much else on these.

One comment

  1. I have a set if these. I got them when I worked in an RAF recruitment office. They are from the 1970’s around 1975 to 1979

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