Wireless Connector Strap Pouch

My thanks to Rob Fenn for allowing me to update this post with the correct information.

Commonly misidentified as a pouch for flare pistol cartridges, today we are looking at a small webbing pouch used to carry the ‘connectors, twin, No 16’ that was used with many early wireless sets:


The pouch was sewn to a shoulder strap and was used to hold the connectors which were wires with bakelite plugs:

This pouch can be seen in this still from a period film:

The strap was missing on the rear of my pouch, but since taking these images i have found the correct strap and repaired it back to how it once one, the mark on the back making it easy to position:imageThe pouch secures with a single strap and a brass Twigg buckle:image

These pouches have long been misidentified as being for flare pistol tins and this story has become the accepted wisdom about the pouch, my thanks therefore go to Rob for showing me their true origin and hopefully this post will help others correctly identify them.


  1. Hope the photos in the links below help in identifying the strap and the location of the pouch on it. I cannot remember where I saved them from, but they were possibly from an eBay listing some time ago.

  2. Thanks Ed, and thank you again for your blog posts.
    Yes, of course you have my permission, but please state that they were supplied by me from an unknown source and that they will be removed if the original owner objects to their use.

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