Flare Pistol Cartridge Pouch

Over the years the blog has covered both the 1.5” flare pistol and its associated tins for the flare cartridges themselves. Tonight we are looking at a small pouch that was used to carry the tins of flare cartridges as part of a holster and strap webbing system:imageThe webbing flare pistol holster was less common that the leather one, but did see plenty of service. Whilst it could be worn on a belt, it was more common for it to be slung with a shoulder strap. Sewn to this shoulder strap was our little pouch, and a look at the rear shows a darker patch of webbing where the strap was originally attached:imageThe pouch secures with a single strap and a brass Twigg buckle:imageInside it is sized neatly to hold the metal tin containing three flares:imageThis storage method is far safer than placing the tin or individual flares in a pocket and ensures that a flare pistol always has at least three rounds with it, even if the holster is passed to someone new. I am still trying to find any useable photographs of one of these pouches actually sewn to a strap- if it is indeed just a standard 37 pattern shoulder brace then it should not be too difficult to sew it back onto a strap and return it to its former glory.


  1. Hope the photos in the links below help in identifying the strap and the location of the pouch on it. I cannot remember where I saved them from, but they were possibly from an eBay listing some time ago.

  2. Thanks Ed, and thank you again for your blog posts.
    Yes, of course you have my permission, but please state that they were supplied by me from an unknown source and that they will be removed if the original owner objects to their use.

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