Stick of Brown Camouflage Cream

There seems to have been a myriad of different types of camouflage cream issued and used by the British Army over the last few decades. I have now collected up three of four different variations of camo cream and tonight we are looking at a tube of brown camo cream from the 1990s. The tube is made of metal and contains just brown coloured camo cream:imageFrom the NSN number we can easily see that this tube was manufactured for the British, the -99- country code being the giveaway. The tube has a metal base plate on the bottom that is not attached to the rest of the tin, allowing a finger to be used to push up the stick of camo cream as it is used:imageA rubber cap is fitted to seal the top of the tube when not in use, this stops the brown camouflage from getting over everything and prevents it from drying out:imageThis particular stick of camouflage cream was manufactured in 1997 by BCB International Ltd:imageThis company has been around for over 160 years and is still in business supplying military and survival equipment to various countries including the UK. Their website outline the company’s history:

For over 160 years, BCB International have been designing, manufacturing and supplying personal Survival and protective equipment used by Soldiers, seafarers and adventures worldwide!

It started with a cough…

In 1854, a Dr Brown came up with a cough medicine and shipped some off to British troops suffering in the trenches in the Crimean war.

60 years later, Dr Brown’s Cough Bottle gave the initials for a registered company, BCB.

Taken over by a local Cardiff chemist Deryck Howell in 1949,

BCB remains a Howell family run firm to this day.

Wave of Fortune

A lucky encounter in the 1950s with British Defence Officials resulted in BCB designing for the world’s first life raft survival kit.

It cemented the company’s driving force CANEI: Continuous and Never Ending Innovation and sparked an impressive array of novel products including: shark repellent, ballistic protective underwear dubbed ‘Blast Boxers’ and an all-weather rations heating and barbecue cooking fuel called ‘FireDragon’.

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