Osprey Mk IV Belt

Tonight we turn to one of the more curious elements of the Osprey Mk IV set, the waist belt. This component is listed in the Osprey user’s guide and seems to have been issued with the rest of the pouches but I am struggling to find any information on if it was ever actually used, and how it was intended to be worn. My best guess is that it was designed to go over the vest to help tighten it, but I am struggling to find anything concrete so if you can help please comment below.

The belt is made from heavy duty MTP Cordua nylon and features a padded front section:imageThe belt splits into two parts:imageSecured together with Velcro at the front:imageAnd rear:imageThe back part of the belt is elasticated, with the strap split into two pieces. The inside of the front part of the belt has a distinctive ribbing to it and curves in slightly along its length:imageThis would aid the belt in gripping anything it was wrapped around, like the Cordua nylon of the Osprey vest of the fabric of a uniform.

A label is sewn to each of the Velcro tabs on the rear of the two belt halves:imageThere are a number of different sizes of belt produced for different sized soldiers, this is a small but medium and large examples are also available. As a later production piece, this belt has a proper NSN number, rather than just saying ‘N.I.V.’ (Not in Vocab).

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  1. I assume that you already know this as this is a pretty old post, but the belt is worn on the inside of the Osprey through the loops on the bottom edge of the rear half. Conceptually it is kind of similar to the wings on the back half of the MkII.

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