Osprey Mk IV Half Collars and Fillers

We have previously looked at the collars used to increase protection on the Mk II Osprey system here. Tonight we are looking at an example of the half collar used with the Osprey Mk IV and happily in this case the collar has its original filler as well…I am very glad I am not going to have to cut up Yoga mats for this one! Like the earlier design, this collar is made in two sections, but this time in MTP pattern camouflage:imageThe two halves separate to allow the filler to be placed inside each half, the shape of the collar prevents it from being fitted from just one end as the middle section would be wider than the two ends. Each half collar has a piece of ballistic filler inside, which in turn is protected by a black nylon cover to protect the contents:imageEach piece of filler has a white label giving NSN numbers, sizing and when the filler was manufactured:imageThe date of manufacture and lot numbers are important in allowing any faulty or substandard batches of filler to be identified at a later date and removed form service if necessary. The rest of the collar follows the design of the earlier pattern having a loop and popper fastening on the base of the collar to allow it to be attached to the vest:imageThe instruction manual illustrates how this is done:CaptureAnd here it is on my vest set, which is slowly filling out with more components:imageA standard label is sewn to the outside of each collar half, dating these pieces to 2012:image

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