DDPM Three Magazine MOLLE Pouch

We have looked at the MTP pouches for the Osprey Mk IV quite extensively over the last few weeks, so this week we are taking a break and looking at an example of the DDPM pouches that were used with the earlier osprey Mk II and Mk III armour. It must be said that these pouches were designed to be worn on the Tactical load Carrying Vest we saw here, and this would then be worn over the Osprey. In reality troops quickly ditched the vest and attached pouches directly to the Osprey vests to reduce weight and bulk in the heat of operations. This pouch then is for carrying three SA80 magazines:imageThe pouch is particularly deep when compared to the later designs, as can be seen from the side:imageNote also that PALS straps are also sewn along the side of the pouch to allow smaller pouches to be fastened here (quite why you would choose to do this is beyond me, but the option is there). The back of the pouch has a pair of straps and the PALS loops to allow the pouch to be attached to the vest or osprey system:imageA label is sewn to the rear with store’s details:imageA standard metal eyelet is fitted into the base for drainage:imageThe pouch as quite a complicated fastener for the top flap, firstly it is held by a strip of Velcro:imageThe lid is then secured with a ‘Spanish’ fastener:imageThis consists of a plastic staple:imageA loop then goes over this:imageAnd the plastic fastener is pushed through this. This clip is very secure, but difficult to open in a hurry so troops often slipped the pull tap through the staple instead so that it was easier to pull it open:imageThis was not as secure, but did allow quicker access to the magazines in a combat situation. This design was clearly not ideal as the later patterns of Osprey ammunition pouches only carried a maximum of two magazines rather than the three of this design, presumably because troops found the pouches too deep to wear comfortably and ditched the Spanish clips for simpler Velcro fastenings.

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