Osprey Mk 4 Anti Personnel Grenade Pouch

This week’s Osprey component is the pouch for an anti-personnel grenade:imageTwo of these pouches were issued with the Osprey Mk 4 set and being quite small pouches are often slotted around other larger ammunition pouches as the wearer prefers. In most respects this pouch is very similar to other MOLLE pouches in the Osprey set and they are made of the usual MTP pattern infra-red resistant Cordua nylon. On the rear are long MOLLE straps for fitting into the PALS loops on thee vest:imageTwo uni-direction press studs are fitted to the base of these straps and with the straps pulled back you can also see the loops on the rear of the pouch:imageThe idea is to interweave the vertical straps between the horizontal loops on the vest and pouch to create a very secure fixing. This is a little fiddly to do, but works very effectively and once set up they are not going anywhere! Note also the stores label sewn to the rear of the pouch in the photograph above.

The base of the pouch has the usual drainage hole:imageIf the rear and base of the pouch is conventional, the fastenings are a little more involved. The top flap secures with Velcro on the underside of the flap:imageAnd a large Fastex type plastic buckle on the front:imageThis design is more secure than that used on the older DDPM version of the pouch and suggests that from operational experience it was decided to beef up the fastenings on the newer design. Presumably there had been instances of people forgetting to fasten the buckle and grenades falling out, the Velcro adds an extra security so that if a man forgets to push the buckle home the Velcro will still prevent the top flap from opening.

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