1991 Royal Naval Reserve Recruitment Brochure

Recruitment has always been an essential feature of live in the reserve forces. In the modern world it is necessary to go out and engage with the public, extolling the benefits of joining a reserve force in the hope of acquiring more recruits. This has been true for many years and as part of these recruitment efforts it has been common to produce leaflets and booklets highlighting the opportunities a potential recruit might have in the reserve forces. Tonight we have one of those recruitment booklets, for the Royal Naval Reserve, dating from 1991. This is an interesting time in the history of the RNR as the Berlin wall had just come down and the end of the Cold War was occurring, but the massive military cut backs that would result from this event had not yet happened. This booklet then holds a massive amount of information about the state of the RNR at this period in history, of note though is the back cover where various units have been crossed out as they closed down…Other things to look out for are the use of distinctive insignia for reservists, a number of roles are still off limits to women at this point and the SLR is still the rifle of choice for the RNR, despite the SA80 having been introduced for the army six years before. Click on the thumbnails to see each page.


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