MTP MVP Heavyweight Jacket

A few weeks back we looked at the MTP MVP lightweight jacket and in that post I highlighted some of the criticisms that design received in the press at the time of issue. The army was quick to recognise these shortcomings and quickly designated the lightweight MVP jacket as being for use in desert conditions, whilst issuing a heavier version better suited to operations in the UK and Northern hemisphere:imageThe first and most obvious feature is that the length of this garment has been increased so instead of finishing above the bum, it now goes down to mid-thigh. The material used is also a far heavier grade of fabric that is both tougher and stiffer than that used on the lightweight version. Perhaps most importantly when the previous complaints were taken into consideration, is the inclusion of a hood:imageThis can be rolled into the collar when not required but does at least give the wearer the option of some rain protection during an exercise. The jacket is designed to protect against heavy rain, so the front is secured with a zip, covered by a Velcro fly:imageA zipped opening is fitted to the centre of the chest to allow the wearer to access items in clothing underneath the MVP jacket:imageTwo large patch pockets are sewn onto the breast of the jacket, the top flap of each secured with Velcro:imageA single rank slide is fitted to the centre of the chest as is typical with most modern British military clothing:imageWhilst these garments are very good at keeping out the rain, they do need to be secured at the openings to prevent water entering that way, so a Velcro tightening strap is fitted to each sleeve:imageAnd an elasticated drawstring at the waist:imageAs ever a label is sewn into the inside of the jacket:image15 different sizes are offered for this jacket, each with their own NSN number:Capture1It is interesting to note the price per unit the MOD was charged when these jackets were new! My thanks go to Michael Fletcher for helping sort me out with this jacket, it is another variation in the collection and adds to my slowly building collection of MTP.

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