Osprey Mk IV Blanking Panels

Only a short post tonight, as this week’s Osprey component is one of the simplest parts of the whole set; the blanking panels. These are just two pieces of MTP patterned Cordua nylon:imageBoth have the hook part of Velcro on the rear:imageThe manual explains how they are used:CaptureThese are essential when the cummerbunds are used with the Osprey set to increase protection. These panels wrap around the front and do not need to attach to the loop sections of Velcro on the front of the vest. Here we see the panels attached to my Mk IV osprey:imagePeeling them back shows the Velcro they cover up:imageInterestingly despite being quite a large component, the blanking panels do not have any sort of label or stores information on them at all. As I do not yet have the cummerbunds for the Osprey, these panels will sit in the box for now, but it’s another component in this massive set: there are lots of different accessories to collect for the Osprey system and it modularity means you can have great fun taking it apart and reconfiguring it!

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