Osprey Double Magazine Ammunition Pouch

This week’s Osprey post is a shorter one as we are covering the two magazine ammunition pouch:imageThis pouch is almost identical to the single round version we looked at here, except that it is slightly deeper to hold two magazines. The top flap is secured with Velcro:imageWhen open this allows two SA80 magazines to fit neatly inside (I only have the one magazine, but you get the idea):imageThe rear of the pouch has the ubiquitous MOLLE straps:imageAnd a small label giving details of the pouch’s purpose:imageThe double pouches were far more popular than the single magazine variant as soldiers could get twice as much ammunition into the same space on their vests. When Osprey was issued to soldiers it came with four of these two magazine pouches, allowing soldiers to pick and choose how many they needed to attach according to their personal preferences.

One soldier explains a typical setup:

Most people I saw (but I was a FOBit) went with med pouch on the right, as far round as you can but allowing access and the double mag pouches on the left (but same detail). Admin pouches were in short supply so I used the front of the med pouch for my cards/compass etc. Everything else went in the day sack.

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