PLCE Side Pouch Yoke

In the past we have looked at the standard PLCE yoke in the original olive green here. This however was not the only yoke issued with the set, and a second one was provided to allow the side pouches of the rucksack to be attached and carried as a small day sack. Visually the two yokes appear very similar at first glance, but have a different arrangement of clips to allow the side pouches to be attached. Like the rest of the PLCE set this was originally constructed in olive green, before being superseded by a DPM version that we have tonight:imageA large mesh panel is provided on the rear to help provide strength whilst not overheating the wearer:imageThe shoulder strap part of the yoke is made from DPM infra-red resistant Cordua nylon in a DPM pattern and is padded for comfort:imageThe two rucksack pouches attach using Fastex clips, which are position around the yoke in the appropriate positions:imageA waist strap is also provided:imageIn use this tended to be used to pass around the pouches to help hold them steady and prevent them from flopping around whilst the wearer was running.

This yoke is remarkably late, having been manufactured in 2014:imageI suspect that this yoke has never been issued as it appears as good as the day it was manufactured!

Assembling a rucksack from the side pouches was an involved process, and here is illustrated in the fitting instructions:Capture1Capture2Capture3This piece of PLCE is unbelievably cheap- I paid just £2.99 for an example posted to me from eBay. I now need to find a pair of the rucksack pouches and see how hard it is to actually assemble…


  1. It’s not hard to assemble when you have done it once. There is also an “unofficial” configuration with one side pouch, the bottom of the pouch is not clipped in as there is nowhere to clip it when the shoulder straps are attached but the waist strap serves.
    I’m not sure what is going on with the bottom picture, difficult to see but it looks like a respirator pack, entrenching tool pouch and something else on the waist strap which I wouldn’t think would work very well.

  2. They make these Pattern ’95 (DPM) side pouches WRONG.

    If you compare to the Pattern ’90 (green), which are correctly made, you’ll notice that the lower loops for the chest/waist belt and the lower female Nexus fittings are each positioned 20mm out of alignment. I think this is because someone at the MoD or dominant manufacturer incorrectly copied the template. Thing is, ALL manufacturers continue the error!!!

    Sometimes you just can’t get the staff…

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