Unissued Women’s No 2 Dress Uniform Jacket

I don’t collect a lot of women’s uniform items for my collection, however occasionally something turns up where the price is so cheap I really can’t leave it there, hence the unissued Women’s Service Dress jacket tonight that I picked up for just 50p:imageThis jacket is based very closely on the men’s No2 Service dress jacket, but cut to fit the female figure and buttoning to the opposite side. Other changes made include changing the exterior pockets to a simple straight slit pocket:imageThis example has never been issued so there is a series of white thread ‘x’s up the front indicating where the buttons would be sewn:imageThis allows one uniform to be manufactured and the correct regimental buttons added later by the owner, thus saving the costs of having to have several different patterns manufactured. The shoulder straps are also sewn down with white thread:imageThe jacket came with a packet of staybrite buttons for the Adjutant General’s Corps in the pocket:imageThe Adjutant General’s Corps was formed in 1992 and provides much of the administrative support needed to run the army. It was formed from personnel drawn from

  • Army Legal Corps
  • Corps of Royal Military Police
  • Military Provost Staff Corps
  • Royal Army Educational Corps
  • Royal Army Pay Corps
  • Women’s Royal Army Corps
  • Staff clerks from the Royal Army Ordnance Corps
  • Clerks from the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME)

The inside of the jacket is fully lined, with a small change pocket sewn in, inside of which is the original cutter’s label from when it was first manufactured:imageA white stores label is sewn into the inside of the jacket with sizing, which for women has a bust size rather than a chest size:imageThis jacket would have been worn with a khaki blouse and tie and a matching skirt, accompanied by a peaked regimental cap for parades:CaptureThis particular design of jacket has now been rendered obsolete by the new ‘FAD’ dress uniform introduced at the start of this decade and like most items of parade uniform can be picked up very cheaply on the surplus market.

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