Osprey Mk IV 8 Round UGL Ammunition Pouch

After looking at a couple of Osprey vests and a set of collars, tonight we are looking at one of the pouches used with the Mk IV Osprey system, that issued to carry eight rounds of underslung grenade ammunition:imageWe have looked at a number of UGL pouches and a bandolier before, and these designs have always held rounds individually, often with some sort of system to raise a round up when needed. This pouch does away with this and holds the rounds altogether in one large pocu, but does have a central divider:imageThis is velcroed down the centre and can be undone to give one large pouch that can be used to carry a wide variety of ordnance.

One very obvious feature of this pouch is how deep it is, which really comes apparent when it is viewed from the side:imageThe lid is secured with a large tan fastex buckle:imageAnd the usual drain hole is fitted to the base:imageThe pouch attaches to the Osprey armour using MOLLE Straps and PALS loops, which are sewn to the back:imageThe Osprey Mk IV Manual explains how to attach the pouches to the vest:CaptureAs ever a label is sewn to the back with details of the pouch’s function:imageLike most of these Osprey pouches it lacks an NSN number as it was an urgent operational requirement. Instead it is marked ‘NIV’ for ‘Not in Vocabulary’. For a long time these pouches, and indeed all the MTP webbing and vests, were quite expensive on the collector’s market. Prices are still higher than the DDPM equipment, but have dropped rapidly and I am enjoying being able to pick them up without breaking the bank!

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