Royal Navy Boot Brush (Part 2)

Last year we looked at an example of a Royal Navy boot brush here. Last week I was lucky enough to find another example of these brushes:imageThis example is a little smaller than the previous brush, but allows me to make up a nice pair:imageLike all these brushes, this one is dated, here it is 1919:imageAnd to show it is Royal Navy owned, it is stamped with an abbreviation for ‘Admiralty’:imageIt is this stamp that has warranted a post on a subject we have ostensibly already covered. Here the boot is marked as ‘ADMY’, the previous example was marked ‘ADLY’:imageQuite why this variation in marking exists is a little puzzling as one would suspect that the stamp for ownership was already made up, rather than being made of individual letters. That being the case the abbreviation should be standardised, but it is not. I wonder if the marking is dependent on which naval institution took delivery of the stores and marked them up. Whilst of no great significance I thought this was an interesting variation that might be of interest to some- all Royal Navy boot brushes are hard to find so it is instructive to have a pair to contrast.

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