DDPM MOLLE Drop Leg Harness Panel

There seems to be a constant stream of desert DPM equipment out there to find, with webbing, pouches and other forms of equipment available in huge quantities and at low prices. This is great for the collector and it is well worth building up a selection now if you want them as experience says they will not be around forever. With this in mind, I have been very pleased to add this drop leg harness panel to my collection:imageThis panel is designed to allow a holster of similar piece of load bearing equipment to be worn on the thigh in a quick draw position. The pain body of the harness consists of a DDPM panel with a set of MOLLE loops sewn to it:imageThese allow a holster to be attached in a position to suit the wearer and the panel is large enough to allow a pair of spare magazine pouches to sit alongside. At the top is a strap with a loop to attach to the user’s waist belt:imageThis is adjustable and is secured with a lift the dot fastener and Velcro:imageA pair of straps are fitted to pass round the upper thigh, one end has a male Fastex buckle on it:imageWhilst the female fastener is attached to the panel itself with small pieces of elastic to ensure a secure fit to the leg:imageThe back of the panel has a breathable fabric that is distinctly ‘rough’ to the touch, presumably to help it grip to the user’s trouser leg to hold it in position more securely:imageA simple stores label is sewn to the back:imageThis design seems to have been fairly popular and a near identical version has been produced in MTP following the adoption of that camouflage pattern. Interestingly it appears sets of these with holsters and magazine pouches have been sold as surplus in the US where they are popular on the civilian market with shooters there.

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