Modern British Army Mosquito Head Net

The British Army has recognised the need to protect troops from insect bites in the field, especially in tropical areas where malaria is rife. A number of different mosquito nets designed to be worn over the head have been issued over the years and tonight we are looking at the most modern design of these:imageThis net is made of a nylon mesh, in olive green. Rather than being a simple bag, a round piece is sewn into the crown to give it a little more structure and fit better over a head and under a cap:imageAn elasticated drawstring is provided to allow the net to be closed off around the neck and prevent insects from flying up underneath it:imageThese nets are issued in small polythene bags from the manufacturers:imageThese have a sticky label with a stores barcode and details of who made them:imageConeen Defence Ltd is a Northern Irish company specialising in the manufacture of military uniforms and accessories and they have been supplying the MoD for over fifteen years, with manufacturing bases in India, Bangladesh and China. Their advertising material describes their company as:

Cooneen Defence provides the clothing needs of military and police personnel across the world both combat, patrol and operational garments.

Military and Police Authorities demand clothing solutions which will perform in the most challenging environments. With more than 15 years’ experience in providing UK Ministry of Defence with the vast majority of their clothing requirements, from cargo trousers to berets, parade wear, to medical wear, flights suits to marine coveralls, Cooneen have an institutional wealth of experience and knowledge in the design, manufacture and supply of high volume garments to authorities with a remit to protect the public and national interests.

Although the name of the contractor appears on the outer label, it is not mentioned on the label sewn into the net, instead there is just a contract number:imageThe insect head net is one of the standard pieces of equipment a soldier would expect to receive when deploying in the so called ‘black bag’ of essential equipment. The accompanying Army pamphlet has this, admittedly brief, information on the net:Capture

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