MOLLE Triple Ammunition Pouch

It has been a while since we last looked at one of the DDPM MOLLE pouches on the blog. Tonight we have one of the largest pouches produced for this system, the triple ammunition pouch:imageThis pouch has three separate pockets, each of which can hold two SA80 magazines (I only have the one magazine to hand, but you get the idea!):imageEach of these pockets is secured with heavy duty Velcro and a press stud:imageAs with all modern pouches, drainage holes are fitted to each individual pocket:imageThe pouch attached to a waistcoat or plate carrier using the standard heavy duty straps, secured with press studs, that pass through the ladder straps to hold the pouch securely:imageThis particular pouch was produced in 2007, as indicated by the label on the rear:imageI am struggling to find out how popular these pouches were, I suspect however that three individual ammunition pouches would have worked better than this single large pouch- they would offer more flexibility when setting up the load bearing equipment and six full magazines would be a lot of weight to have supported by just two straps on the rear, as in this pouch. Three individual pouches would have six straps to support the same weight and would presumably be more secure. Either way these pouches are easily available on the surplus market and this one cost me just £5 which seems very reasonable for such a large piece of web-gear.

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