MTP Windproof Smock

A number of different DPM and Desert DPM smocks have appeared on the blog over the years, but tonight we have the first example of a windproof smock in MTP:imageIn design this is externally very similar to the DDPM example we looked at here. The front of the smock fastens with a concealed zip, and a tab for a rank slide is positioned centrally on the chest, along with two small zipped pockets:imageFurther large patch pockets are sewn to the skirts of the smock, secured with a button flap:imageThese pockets are actually fleece lined, as can be seen on the inside of the smock:imageTwo further patch pockets are fitted, one on either breast, opening the left hand pocket reveals pen lops and a small inner pocket with a button hole:imageThis is designed to hold a small compass for field work. Finally pockets are sewn to the upper sleeves of the garment, with a small union flag sewn to the pocket flap:imageWhen wearing multiple layers of clothing ventilation can become important, so under each arm pit is a zippered hole to allow air in to this sweaty part of the body if needed:imageTo help make the smock comfortable, a mesh liner is sewn to the upper half of the jacket:FullSizeRenderA drawstring waist is also provided inside the smock, below the mesh liner:imageAs with the DDPM version, this smock has a hood, with an integral wire to help stiffen it and let it hold the shape the wearer wants:imageAs ever this can be rolled up and secured to the collar with a button tab.

The cuffs of each sleeve have a large Velcro tab allowing them to be drawn tight to get a warm seal and prevent cold air form entering the smock:imageThe smock uses the familiar plastic buttons secured with cotton tapes, as seen on all British Army field uniforms since 1995. Spares are sewn into the inside of the lower skirt of the smock:imageA standard label identifies the smock, gives sizing and NSN number and care instructions:FullSizeRender1This particular pattern of smock seems to have first been issued about 2009 and was popular amongst the men who received it:

They are warm in the winter, even in just a t-shirt or norgy, and cool in the summer (especially when the side vents are opened up). The fleece pockets are good too…

Another user said:

The smock is actually very good, I’ve never been told to do press ups for having my hands in those fleece pockets, in fact I haven’t seen anyone told to do press ups for that “offence” since I left the regulars, perhaps this jacket should be arketed to TA bods only! The mesh on the pockets doesn’t snag on anything, it’s under the actual pocket, and the stuff on the inside does its job really well. Overall, it’s a very good bit of kit.

The only criticism was it could be a bit heavy, especially when wet, but most users seem to have liked the smock and it was fetching high prices on the surplus market when first issued. Prices have dropped now that it has been on issue for eight or nine years and examples can be found for around £25 each.

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