RE Staff Sergeant’s Fawn Barrack Dress Shirt

The British Army has long had an order of dress known as ‘barrack’ dress. This is a uniform that is smarter than combat uniform, but more comfortable and less formal than a dress uniform. For many years this consisted of a fawn short sleeved shirt with green lightweight trousers, often worn with a regimental stable belt and a peaked blues cap, however regimental distinctions can arise (such as this regiment’s choice of trousers!):barrack_dressThe shirt however remains consistent and is a fawn coloured poly cotton shirt of a conventional design:imageThis comes in a wide range of sizes, as indicated in the stores catalogue:CaptureButtoned patch pockets are fitted to each breast, with curved bottom corners:imageButton down straps are fitted to each shoulder for officers to display their rank insignia:imageIn this case however the original owner of this shirt was an NCO, so his insignia is sewn onto the sleeve:imageThis is the distinctive rank insignia of a Staff Sergeant in the Royal Engineers. As is typical, a label is sewn into the back of the shirt with sizing, NSN number and a space for the soldier to write his name and number:imageThe sizing includes a collar size, here 45cm and in this case we can see that the shirt was originally worn by a soldier named ‘Pascoe’.

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