Snow Shoes, Assault

Walking and working in deep snow brings many challenges. A major one is that it is easy to sink into the snow if it is not compacted and this them makes walking extremely tiring as you have to trudge your way through. It is far better to be able to walk across the top without sinking in and lightweight snow shoes have been used for centuries inn areas of heavy snowfall to make it easier to move about. The idea is to strap something large, but light, onto your feet that then distributes your weight resulting in a lower ground pressure and stops you from sinking in. For several decades the British Army have been using this design of snowshoe for Arctic warfare:imageThe shoes are made of a lightweight tubular plastic frame, with criss-crossing heavy duty vinyl plastic straps, here in orange:imageThese are riveted to each other to make a web that helps hold the wearer up:imageOn the base of each snow shoe are a pair of angled aluminium strips with teeth to help grip the snow:imageA heavy duty orange strap with a metal buckle is fitted to pass over the toe of the user’s boot:imageOther straps are made of white nylon and surround the boot to help hold the snow shoe on securely (the last thing you want is for it to slip off in the middle of the snow!):imageThese straps have metal buckles that allow them to be easily tightened:imageNote the long gripping tabs to make it easier to adjust the boot straps when wearing heavy gloves. These snow shoes have been used for decades, and are still listed in the British Army stores catalogues:CaptureAs can be seen, the ones in the catalogue are made entirely in white, but both orange and white versions seem to be in use alongside each other, as seen in this image of them being worn by the Royal Marines:imageNote that they are being used with ski-poles to help aid balance- snow shoes are very effective but they do make you a little clumsy!

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