No 83 Smoke Grenade

There are certain items of military equipment that are fundamentally good designs and last in service for decades- the Mills Bomb and Lee Enfield rifles being two examples of this. Another long lasting design was the No83 smoke grenade. This smoke grenade was designed during the Second World War and is a pressed metal cylinder with a ‘fly off’ lever type igniter:imageThe original No83 grenade used a friction match type striker mechanism:imageThis was replaced by the MK II in February 1944 which has the striker mechanism that screws into the top and used a spring and pressed metal handle:imageThe handle is made from one piece of metal, stamped and folded into shape:imageThe grenade was very easy to use, a safety pin was pulled out and when hand pressure was released from the metal handle an internal spring threw the handle off and set off the fuse:imageThe smoke grenade came in four colours; red, yellow, green and blue and smoke was emitted for between 25 and 45 seconds through a hole in the base of the grenade:imageThere was a four second delay before the smoke was emitted allowing the grenade to be thrown into position. Grenades were issued in a B166A ammunition box that carried 24 of the grenades, weighing in at a hefty 47 lbs. This grenade is extremely worn and has virtually no external paint left. What is left is an apple green colour indicating this is a post war example- the type remained in use up until the 1970s. This design was very successful and set the basic design of a smoke grenade up until the present day- look at the modern smoke grenades I posted here and the design lineage is very clear.image

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